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Never worry about your administration or taxes again.

Whether you run a business, work as a freelancer or an employee. We all have to pay taxes and keep an organized administration. Filing taxes and bookkeeping can take up a lot of your time. And if you are not specialized in this field you might miss out on a lot of tax benefits and exemptions which you are entitled to.

Christiaan Administration & Advice offers bookkeeping services and tax advisory. Outsourcing frees up time and eliminates worries about your tax declarations. We enable you to focus on what you do best and have ease of mind when it comes to your tax declarations.

Situated in Almere, our clients reside all around the Netherlands with a focus area of Flevoland, Amsterdam and 't Gooi.

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Bookkeeping & business administration

We offer our bookkeeping service subscription to SMEs, Freelancers (ZZP), business owners and starters. Our goal is to give you insights in your financial situation while minimizing the time you spend on your administration. In most cases uploading your receipts is all you need to do.

Our competitive priced subscription even includes filing of your tax declarations.

Tax services & consultancy

With subscription or as an independent assignment, our tax specialists are here to answer your questions and file your tax declarations.

We handle the income tax returns, corporate tax returns, VAT returns and offer tax consultancy for business taxes, expat taxes & private taxes.

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Construction industry administration

We are happy with our diverse client base and are determined to keep it that way. Our knowledge of financial and tax matters for expats has made us grow exponentially into the construction industry. Starting with (East-European) workers, word of mouth traveled fast and we were soon contacted by their co-workers and employers.

We now serve a respectable number of people within the construction industry. From freelancers that have us invoice their work by sending us their hours and what they did, up to company owners and contractors that have us handle their entire business administration.

Christiaan Administration & Advice now offers dedicated service packages for construction trade workers and construction trade companies.

Expat tax advisor for the Netherlands

Both expats working within the Netherlands or dutch expats working abroad have to deal with a lot of dutch tax regulations and are entitled to multiple tax exemptions and benefits.

Christiaan Administration & Advice is happy to help you with our extensive knowledge of the Expat regulatory system. We can help you with all tax related matters, like the Dutch 30% ruling, COC/A1 declarations, working & residency permit, the dutch income tax return and ICP declaration to name a few.

We will help you with all tax forms like the P, C, M, O and F-forms. Added we are here for you to help you with your tax deductions. Examples are medical expenses, educational expenses and mortgage interest and mortgage related expenses.

Income tax return

If you are employed in the Netherlands or receive a benefit you will have to file a tax declaration in order to receive an income tax refund. When it comes to expats the dutch system has a lot of rules and regulations which standardized tax declarations will not cover. Meaning you will miss out on benefits that you would otherwise get.

Over 700 expats choose to have us file their income tax return every year. We are here to assist you with your tax declarations too.

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Loredana Bookkeeper and Tax advisor at Christiaan Administratie
Bookkeeper & tax advisor

About Christiaan Administration & Advice

Our bookkeeping and tax advisory company was founded after working many years in the financial sector. Being once expats ourselves we learned how difficult it can be to find someone who can clearly explain the dutch administrative, legal and tax regulations. Instead of continuing our employment we decided to found Christiaan Administration & Advice in order to help people ourselves.

We now work with a team of dedicated multilingual bookkeepers & tax advisors. Helping both native and expat workers fluently in English, Dutch and Romanian.

Christiaan Administration was and is phenomenal - they gave me advice I was looking for and also reduced my bill as they thought I was paying too much for the work that was needed for my business. Can't recommend these accountants enough. Would be happy to give 6 stars.
Alex Boychenko

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Are you interested in our services, or are you looking for advice concerning your business administration or (expat) tax related matters? Please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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