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Bookkeeping services

Looking for a reliable bookkeeper that will really impact your business? Christiaan Administration & Advice is ready to be of service.

Having a bookkeeper and tax advisor is the norm for most businesses for good reasons. We will save you time, money, give you ease of mind and make sure you are using every tax benefit and exemption you can get.

We handle the administration (bookkeeping) and tax administration for both businesses as freelancers with affordable subscriptions.

Please see our dedicated services for your type of business:

Bookkeeper for Freelancer and ZZP, young freelance designer, designing at her desk

Freelancer / ZZP

We know a lot of Freelancers / ZZP see the administration and tax preparations as a burden. You might see outsourcing as an expense for something you can do yourself.

When we ask you to calculate the time you invest each month to do your bookkeeping tasks. Added with the tax benefits you might be eligible for but aren't taking advantage of, would you still think of it as a cost? It is not uncommon for you as a freelancers to miss out on hundreds to even thousands of euro's a year had you hired a bookkeeper.

Bookkeeper for Small medium enterprise / Midden klein bedrijf SME MKB. Young woman, leading a SME company sitting on a desk

Small & Medium Enterprise (SME)

Those running an SME know there is always a huge amount of work ahead. Making sure the sales pipelines are filled, clients are happy and employee management to name a few. Added to running a business you now have a responsibility for your employees as well.

In this stage you will probably have learned not to try and do everything yourself. That outsourcing is a smarter choice in a lot of cases. Not many SME's work without a bookkeeper. Either in-house or outsourced, the administration, payroll and tax preparation are starting to become a lot harder and take more of your time.

We are here to assist you. We will make sure you get all the insights you need, all the benefits you might be eligible for, all while saving you a lot of time and stress.

Bookkeeper for construction industry and construction workers. A electrician Freelance ZZP worker with a helmet working at a switchboard

Construction industry

We offer specialized bookkeeping services for construction companies and freelancers or Expats working in construction. Our extensive knowledge of the construction industry makes it easy for you to communicate with us, have us handle your administration, payroll, taxes and even client invoicing.

Taking all administrative and tax matters out of your hands means you can focus fully on your work, with minimal paperwork.

Bookkeeper for starters and startups - young startup working late


We are here to help you start your business and take you through the beginning phases. We have proven time and time again that we can increase your chances of survival. Not having to find out everything yourself saves you time, worries and money.

Next to your administration and taxes you can use our advice, knowledge and tips how to handle things. Helping you to do business from startup to thriving business.