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Construction industry

Whether you are an individual construction trade worker or own a business in the construction industry. We understand you choose the trade because you wanted a hands-on job. Not so you could do the administration and tax related work that comes with 'the trade'.

Luckily we choose the other way around. We love numbers, tax matters and administration. By helping a large number of ZZP / Freelance construction workers and construction companies we have developed ourselves into specialists in the construction industry. Ready to help you as well.

Construction work administration & taxes.

You decide how much work we will take of your hands. Some individual workers have us do their administration and tax returns. Others have us invoice their clients or employer all together by sending us what they did, receipts of their materials and the hours they worked.

At Christiaan Administration & Advice we mostly offer our services on a subscription basis. But we are happy to help you with individual tax consultancy questions or tasks as well.

The benefit of a subscription is the personal packages we can set up for your needs. A monthly subscription includes our bookkeeping and tax services like the preparation and filing of your (corporate) tax returns. With a simple phone call or text app you have your personal advisor at your disposal to answer questions which need a fast answer.

Coming home after a hard day's work, you can rest assured your finances and tax related matters are in the hands of professionals. Giving you time to build and maintain your business.

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Digital bookkeeping - construction worker looking at bookkeeping software app on his phone

Digital bookkeeping.

When you work with us, you can use online software for your administration. A smartphone, tablet or laptop is all you need. You simply upload your receipts and invoices via your computer or via the app on your phone to your personal environment. That's it. We will handle the rest.

You can use the same software to send your invoices and connect it to your bank account. It will register payments itself. Giving you detailed insights which invoices are paid or overdue, as well as a dashboard of your financial results.

Bookkeeping & tax advice for construction companies.

For business owners we can additionally take care of the payroll administration and taxes, business fleet and equipment management and all business related taxes. Giving you time to focus on your projects and clients.

We go above and beyond to help our clients, by providing insights in their expenses and earnings. How much does a work van cost you? Would it be better to buy second hand or lease a new one? Are you entitled to tax benefits or exemptions and if not, could you change something small so you are?

Like it is your job to help clients with their construction work, it is our job to help you maximize your profits and grow into a company that makes profit year after year.

administration and taxes for construction individuals and business owners

Subscriptions for construction workers & companies.

For both construction companies as individuals working as freelancer/ZZP, keeping a perfect administration is mandatory. Using a bookkeeper to do it for you will free up time which you would otherwise spend doing it yourself. Outsourcing your administration means you can focus fully on your work, without having to worry about the necessities.

We know everyone in construction has specific needs tailored to their company or area they are working in. Therefore our subscription price differs as well. All depending on what you want us to handle. We can promise you however, that 100% of our construction clients are happy they choose to outsource.

We are more than happy to hear what you do and how we can make your life easier. We will discuss what we can offer you, and what price comes with it.

What we can do for you:

Roofworkers construction - bookkeeping

Why bookkeeping for construction industry?

Our knowledge of financial and tax matters for expats has made us grow exponentially into the construction industry. Starting with (East-European) workers, word of mouth traveled fast and we were soon contacted by their co-workers and employers.

From the beginning we were enthusiastic about the complexity that comes with bookkeeping and tax preparation for the construction industry. On a superficial level one could say it all comes down to income and expenses. Yet there are so many variables like the equipment bought and rented, project pricing, fluctuating profits, regular staff workers, hired staff workers, foreign workers etc.

Then comes the vast difference between every trade. A construction company has totally different needs than a electrician working alone. There are differences in VAT percentages, subsidies, allocation of materials. Simply to many to sum up. We know all the regulations, possible benefits and paperwork gets too much for people that want to work hands-on. Seeing you can add so much value for people, while doing what we love to do, is something to treasure.

Expats, cross border workers & foreign workers

We specialize in all expat and migrant related tax matters. We can help you with every administration and tax matter when you hire workers from outside of the Netherlands. And at the same time help people who come to work in the Netherlands from abroad with all their tax and finance related matters. Examples are housing, mortgage deductions and the dutch 30% ruling.

Meaning we will help you when you hire them, and help the expats, migrants and cross-border workers at the same time. One point of contact that directly boosts good employership.

Bookkeeping and taxes for expat construction workers

Contact us / request a quote

Whether you own a business in construction or work as a freelancer/ZZP. If you are looking for a bookkeeper and tax advisor specialized in construction - we can't wait to to talk to you.

If you are just looking for a quote feel free to contact us as well. Unless you have a highly unusual case, we can give you a competitive quote during an introductory conversation.

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