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Bookkeeping for
Freelancers, ZZP & Solopreneurs

Self-employment has a lot of benefits when you are succesful. But it requires hard work. Drawbacks are unpredictable income, long working hours, no sick pay, finding enough work to pay the bills and make a profit. On top of that, self-employment comes with a set of rules for your administration.

Becoming successful means you need to make smart choices. Administrative hours cost money, since you can't work when you are doing them. Hiring us to handle your bookkeeping and taxes will not only give you ease of mind. It will actually save you money.

Digital bookkeeping.

When you work with us, you can use online software for your administration. A smartphone, tablet or laptop is all you need. When you get a receipt or an invoice, simply upload it to your personal environment. That's it. We will handle the rest.

You can use the same software to send your invoices and connect it to your bank account. It will register payments itself. Giving you detailed insights which invoices are paid or overdue, as well as a dashboard of your financial results.

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Loredana Bookkeeper and Tax advisor at Christiaan Administratie

Taxes & personal service included.

Preparation and filing of your tax returns are included in your subscription. Again saving you time on your VAT return and income tax return for you and your spouse. Plus you don't have to research which benefits or exemptions you are entitled to. We will do this for you.

A high level of personal service & advice is included as well. Since we handle your administration, we will give you personal advice for your business, your expenses and your revenue streams if we see opportunities.

If you want us to, you can even let us do your invoicing and ask us for business advice. Our experience in the field means you have a personal business and financial advisor. If a question arises, you will have the answer under the speeddial button.

Bookkeeping subscription

A bookkeeping subscription is a smart choice for your business. Since keeping a perfect administration is mandatory, it will free up time which you would otherwise spend doing it yourself. Outsourcing your administration means you can focus fully on your work, without having to worry about the necessities.

The exact price can differ depending on the type of business you are running and what you want us to handle next to the administration and taxes. For most freelancers, a subscriptions starts a low as:

65,- a month excl. VAT.



Are you the best bookkeeper for Freelancers?

Being "the best bookkeeper" is a relative statement. We are a small bookkeeping and tax advisory company with clients that are extremely happy with the services we provide. When you go out to search for a large bookkeeping firm you will probably find a firm with specialists for every form of taxation and every type of business. With respective price point.

We are experienced specialists when it comes to taxes, business administration and expats. Our added value lies in the personal approach we have for our clients. Being able to really connect and understand your needs. Knowing what you do, what your business goals are, and knowing “you” the next time you call us or send us an e-mail.

We provide our bookkeeping and tax advisory services to clients across the Netherlands, with a focus area of Almere, Flevoland, Amsterdam and ‘t Gooi.

In terms of being the best bookkeeper in our region, we are convinced that the value we provide with our services outdo the prices we ask for them. We are all for honest advice you can trust upon. Not saying what you want to hear, but telling what you need to hear.

Reliable bookkeeper and tax advisor

Our mission is to be a reliable bookkeeper and tax advisor. Making sure you know your financial status and what can be done to increase your result. In the end our business is built upon helping your business to success.

Our growth depends on long term relationships with our clients. And we firmly believe our honesty, reliability and genuine personal help is the best way to ensure you choose to stay with us for the long term.

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Are you interested in our services, or are you looking for advice concerning your business administration or (expat) tax related matters? Please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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