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BOOKKEEPING and advice
For starters

If you just started out - or even better - planning to start your own business or work as a ZZP / Freelancer. It is a really smart idea to get a bookkeeper on board.

Since you have the spirit to create your own income, you probably have a 'work hard, I can do' mentally too. Which is a good thing. But it is also wise to start thinking like the entrepreneur you want to become. A smart startup will get someone on board who can give advice on the setup, rules and regulations that come with working for oneself.

Business starter administration & tax advice

Starting a successful and profitable business will require every minute of your time. Setting up your business, planning what you will do yourself and what you will outsource, setting up a location to work from, a company logo, website, market research, equipment. The list seems endless.

When you leave the planning stage and start to 'do business', you will need to divide your precious time between doing the actual work, building proof you can do it, marketing, finding or attracting your next potential customer (they won't come knocking when you are just starting out) and maintenance of your equipment. And next to all that you are obligated to keep a perfect administration, prepare and file your taxes.

Remember that the hours spend here aren't paid, and are lost from your 'working time'.

Suddenly outsourcing to a bookkeeper starts to make sense. And there is a whole lot more benefits than just time.

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Startup assistance

We are here to help you start your business. Looking at your business plan we can give you advice and tips how to handle things. We can help you with smarter ways to do business like setting up the first administration documents, how to document your hours and advice you on choosing the right legal form for your company.

You are a business owner for the authorities from day one. So we can help you from the beginning in a way that gives you more tax benefits, reliefs and exemptions. In short, making sure every choice you make is well thought out and gives you a head start on your business.

Digital bookkeeping

When you work with us, you can use online software for your administration. A smartphone, tablet or laptop is all you need. You simply upload your receipts and invoices via your computer or via the app on your phone to your personal environment. That's it. We will handle the rest.

You can use the same software to send your invoices and connect it to your new business bank account. It will register payments itself. Giving you detailed insights which invoices are paid or overdue, as well as a dashboard of your financial results.

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Starter subscription for bookkeeping & taxes

We understand every euro spend as a starter is hard earned. In the end the choice is yours, but our advice is to work with a bookkeeper from day one. Since keeping a perfect administration is mandatory, it will free up time which you would otherwise spend doing it yourself. Outsourcing your administration means you can focus fully on your work, without having to worry about the necessities.

An important benefit is that you 'hire' an advisor for all your questions. Saving you time looking it all up yourself. When it comes to taxes 'looking it up' might not even be enough. We know all the tax reliefs and benefits that may be eligible and can advice you during the year on how you can maximize your tax benefits & exemptions. Making sure that you pay as little in taxes as needed - saving you (a lot of) money.

The exact price can differ depending on the type of business you are running and what you want us to handle next to the administration and taxes. For most starters, a subscription starts a low as:

65,- a month excl. VAT.



The right start increases the success rate.

You may have heard the saying: "set yourself up for succes". The idea is that you identify a goal (what you see as success), and work backwards to find out what you need to do in order to meet that goal. You then know where you want to be in one or five years from now. And then start to identify everything you need to do to get there. By making the steps smaller and smaller, you are are making really small changes in your behavior that end up changing the way you think and act.

Reaching the 100k income in one year goal might start with calculating your average monthly income and might end up with a sub goal of decreasing your daily binge-watch session with half an hour, going to bed earlier and getting up half an hour earlier.

Doing so gives you 182,5 extra working hours in a year. If you get those hours billable with a rate of €60,- an hour that equals an extra income of €10.950,-. That's already 10% of your 100k income goal.

The chances of survival on a five year period for a startup are around 50-60%. To increase your chances for succes calculate the time spend on administration and preparation of taxes. Added should be the time to find out everything about the tax benefits and making sure you will be eligible for them. Although we ourselves are quite good in calculating, we are also convinced once you think about it, outsourcing your administration and taxes ends up being an easy choice.

Planning increases success rate
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6 ways we help you get a better start.

  1. Focus on what matters
  2. We set up your bookkeeping system, teach you what you need to do and remind you when we need your administration. By leaving that to us, you can ease your mind since you know it will happen, and it will happen timely and accurately. Leaving you to focus on you business.

  3. Financial advice
  4. Since we monitor your business finances, we can show you exactly where your profits and losses are. Monitoring also makes it possible for us to spot opportunities or risks you might not have spotted yourself. We make sure to help you where to save money, or make more. All the while you get better insight how your money is flowing.

  5. Professional business guidance
  6. Taking you through the financial statements like the income statement, the balance sheet and your cash flow statement we can show you what impacts your business. We can derive from the numbers where you business can flourish or save money. Making you do business better.

  7. Save you money
  8. Time is money. By saving you a lot of time you can do more, and earn more. Since we work with a subscription, you know exactly how much money you spend on bookkeeping and your tax administration. When it's time to file your taxes, you won't be the first to get a smile on your face when we tell you 15% of the money expected to go to your taxes can now go to your savings account.

  9. Better decisions
  10. Investing, buying equipment, hiring people, package deals. If you want to you can, but you don't have to figure this out all by yourself. We are here to help you making financially informed decisions. Maybe buying that phone before the end of the year ends saves you €400,00 thanks to the KIA deduction. We can give you a calculated answer on that.

  11. Plan business growth
  12. When you start to grow, you don't have to start from scratch. You already have a bookkeeper and financials advisor to discuss the employee or office space you want to hire and even to handle your payroll administration.

Starting a business in the Netherlands as a migrant or expat

We specialize in all expat and migrant related tax matters. If you are a migrant or expat and want to start a business in the Netherlands or work for yourself as a Freelancer (ZZP), we can help you with every administrative and tax related matter.

To name a few examples we can handle your expat income tax return, expat housing, mortgage deductions, non-working spouse benefits and the well known dutch 30% ruling.

Meaning we can not just help you start your business or work for yourself, but you have one contact point for all expat and migrant tax related matters.

Bookkeeping and taxes for expat construction workers

Contact us / request a quote

Whether you want to start a business or work as a freelancer/ZZP. If you are interested to know if a bookkeeper fits your future we can't wait to to talk to you.

If you are just looking for a quote feel free to contact us as well. Unless you have a highly unusual case, we can give you a accurate quote during the introductory conversation.

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