Tax consultancy for medium and large business - business meeting in medium sized company

Tax services for business & freelancers

Freelancers and SME's have different needs when it comes to tax. But in the end it doesn't really matter how big you are. What you need is personalized flawless tax advice and service from a tax advisor that knows you and your records when you call them.


Income tax return

When choosing Christiaan Administration and Advice as your tax consultant, you can expect a full-service personal approach with a high level of expertise in income tax preparation. Making sure you won't miss out on any exemption, relief or deduction the dutch government has available.

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VAT return advisory - woman confused while doing vat return

Value added tax

If you calculate the time you spend on the VAT return each quarter, you understand why our bookkeeping and tax clients are happy their returns are handled for them, and they barely have to think about them.

Corporate tax return

Since the profits and losses are derived from the annual financial statements' balance sheet and profits and loss statement, having a tax advisor that knows the rules with all the possible exemptions, regimes and tax reduction schemes that are available, can have a large impact on the taxable profit.

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Salary administration

You decided to hire someone because you need the extra hands to get the work done. Not to end up spending a lot of time on your administration. Outsourcing your salary administration means you will not have to think about the gross & net wage calculations, prepare a payroll tax return, annual statements for every employee or learn the social or tax legislation. We do that for you.

Tax consultancy

At Christiaan Administration & Advice we work with a network of individual consultants, each carefully selected for their expertise in their tax niche. This unique proposition gives us the ability to work both with small independent businesses as being able to professionally advice Medium and Large businesses with highly complex tax questions & problems.

Tax consultancy for businesses and freelancers - Loredana Tax advisor on phone