Salary administration

You decided to hire someone because you need the extra hands to get the work done. Not to end up spending a lot of time on your administration.

Salary administration needs to be done in a 100% accurate and precise way. And it will cost you a lot of time to do everything right. The time you handed out an enveloppe with cash and called it a day are long gone. Among others, you need to keep detailed salary records, know the ever changing rules and regulations and be able to set up the payroll tax return.

It makes sense most businesses outsource the salary administration.

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Calculating the salary administration - Christiaan administratie en advies

Salary administration in subscription.

We offer salary administration as an option within your bookkeeping & taxes subscription. Since the price varies on the number of employees you have, prices are individual for your situation. Because of the complexity of the salary administration we do not offer it as a standalone service, but only as an option within your bookkeeping and taxes subscription.

Outsourcing your salary administration means you will not have to think about the gross & net wage calculations, prepare a payroll tax return, annual statements for every employee or learn the social or tax legislation. We do that for you.

Reduce your administrative workload

Our salary administration is offered as on a full-service level. Meaning you have to supply the timesheets and employee changes. We can handle the rest for you with respect to the national insurance contributions, employed insurance contributions, healthcare insurance contributions, pension plans and changes in the 'CAO'. When the wage slips are created they are send over to you as an employer, so you can distribute them to your employees yourself.

Next to the wage slips we also handle your tax administration that comes with the salary administration. Making sure the entire tax administration is handled perfectly as well.

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Loredana Bookkeeper and Tax advisor at Christiaan Administratie
Bookkeeper & tax advisor

About Christiaan Administration & Advice

Our bookkeeping and tax advisory company was founded after working many years in the financial sector. Being once expats ourselves we learned how difficult it can be to find someone who can clearly explain the dutch administrative, legal and tax regulations. Instead of continuing our employment we decided to found Christiaan Administration & Advice in order to help people ourselves.

We now work with a team of dedicated multilingual bookkeepers & tax advisors. Helping both native and expat workers fluently in English, Dutch and Romanian.

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Salary administration is only offered as a service within our bookkeeping & taxes subscription.

If you are interested in our services feel free to contact us by phone, email or the online contact form. We are happy to hear what you do, and discuss the ways we can make your work easier.

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