Tax consultant for business

We offer our tax consultancy services to both domestic (Dutch) as foreign businesses.

At Christiaan Administration & Advice we work with a network of individual consultants, each carefully selected for their expertise in their tax niche. This unique proposition gives us the ability to work both with small independent businesses as being able to professionally advice Medium and Large businesses with highly complex tax questions & problems.

Since we are highly specialized in international tax regulations, we are able to help both expats as multinational businesses with every tax related challenge up to mergers and acquisitions both domestic as international.

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Tax consultant for small business

The common questions and needs of small businesses can range from relatively easy up to fairly complex. Small businesses often struggle with the same type of questions. If you want to have a tax consultant that can help you throughout the year it might be more interesting to apply for our bookkeeping and tax subscription for small businesses. Since we handle your administration as well we can give you personalized tax advice as a (proactive) service.

If you already have a bookkeeper or you are doing the administration yourself, we are happy to offer advice on specific questions or situations where you want advice from a tax specialist.

Tax consultant medium & large business.

Your needs have outgrown a regular tax advisor. You are looking for experts in complex tax matters. Although we consider ourselves as tax experts, your questions might exceed our own in-house knowledge. To assist medium and large business we have create a unique expert-network collaboration. This network enables us to offer your business expertise on every specific tax situation. Examples might be:

  • Highly complex tax returns
  • (International) acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Financing
  • Stocks & dividend
  • Real estate
  • Tax treaties
  • Holdings
  • Foreign mothers
  • International tax regulations
  • Royalty companies
Tax consultancy for medium and large business - business meeting in medium sized company
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Tax consultant international business

For Dutch businesses wanting to do business abroad, or businesses abroad wanting to do business in the Netherlands we offer highly specialized international tax consultants to advice you before or during your ventures.

You may use our international tax consultancy services on an ongoing basis or as a standalone service. We help both businesses directly as tax advisors missing the knowledge required to handle all tax related matters that come with doing business abroad.

We can additionally help you with fiscal restructuring, international tax planning, due diligence and support you with expatriates as well as offer support to the people being send to work internationally themselves. Making sure you have everything arranged for your employees.

Tax consultancy for Freelancer / ZZP

Most of our freelancer / ZZP clients use our all-in bookkeeping and taxes subscription for freelancers. Using this subscription all your administrative and tax matters are handled perfectly for you. Should you have any questions these are answered and explained as a service, in most cases accompanied with advice on how to do this smarter in order to pay less taxes.

If you choose to do your administration and taxes yourself it is not unusual to encounter uncertainties when its time to file your taxes. We are happy to help you if you need it. We offer affordable tax consultancy for freelancers and ZZP tax related matters. Should you have any questions on your business next to it, we are happy to advice you on these as well.

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About Christiaan Administration & Advice

Our bookkeeping and tax advisory company was founded after working many years in the financial sector. Being once expats ourselves we learned how difficult it can be to find someone who can clearly explain the dutch administrative, legal and tax regulations. Instead of continuing our employment we decided to found Christiaan Administration & Advice in order to help people ourselves.

We now work with a team of dedicated multilingual bookkeepers & tax advisors. Helping both native and expat workers and businesses fluently in English, Dutch and Romanian.

In order to help larger businesses with more complex tax matters, we have set up an expert-network collaboration with carefully selected tax advisors all specialized in their specific field. Enabling us to reduce the overall overhead, while being able to offer tax services exceeding largely setup accountant-offices.

Tax consultancy contact

If you are interested in our services feel free to contact us by phone, email or the online contact form. We are happy to hear what you do, and discuss the ways we can make your work easier.

Christiaan Administration & Advice is proud to be an affordable partner of hundreds of freelancers and businesses, helping them with their tax related matters on a daily basis.

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